About Us

Mia Vero Naturals was created to bring true and accurate products to you at an affordable price to be apart of your daily routine. Part of the MiaCanna Family, all extraction is done in house, mostly from material cultivated right here in the Midwest. Mia Vero means my truth, and our goal is to provide you with the proper products to provide you a true resource to help ease ailments we all face everyday.

Mike Lucia

With over 14 years of Cannabis experience, Mike has witnessed first hand the pronounced effects of Cannabinoids for many people. Focusing his efforts first on problematic and lacking areas of the industry, processing and extraction, he now has focused his energy on using their processing power to advance the consumer products. Through advancing Science he has the goal of continually curating more effective and efficient products. He holds a firm belief that everyone who needs cannabinoid based products should have access to effective products at reasonable pricing.


Key to essential aspects of the mission and philosophic goals at Mia Vero, Dave Beamish ensures everyone on the team embraces the following thinking. First our products have a direct benefit to helping people and secondly our business helps people connect with each other. Experience in processing and manufacturing is fundamental to being able to offer the high quality cGMP Cannabinoid products at extremely affordable prices. Large scale, efficient high quality industrial processing and manufacturing centers are essential to the success of making our products mainstream for our customers. Dave brings over 25 years as an entrepreneurial businessman building processing facilities in the United States Medical and Healthcare industries.

Alex Mallek
Lab Director

Growing up, Alex has always had a curiosity for knowledge and enjoyed helping others. He volunteered through many organizations, and decided to pursue Analytical Chemistry at the University of Illinois. He chose this area of study with the desire to progress his scientific understanding to one day be able to provide more effective and safe alternatives to traditional regimes. He began working for a MSO Cannabis company doing extraction before joining the Mia Vero Naturals team. Meeting Mike and seeing him execute his goal of advanced processing techniques, and the company’s vision it was a no brainer this is where he could share his knowledge to further advance Cannabinoid products through science.


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